What is a Peptide Bond Anyway?

What is a Peptide Bond Anyway?

If you’ve ever done any research on skin care, anti-aging, or any sort of new form of biotechnology, then chances are you’ve come across the word “peptide” many times before. But what exactly is a peptide? What is a peptide bond? We’re going to be answering these questions and much more in the following paragraphs.
January 20, 2021 — Whiskey River Media
Nasal Knowhow

Nasal Knowhow

Nasal Knowhow

Peptides are an incredible, revolutionary technology that is being experimented with worldwide, but peptide experimentation is messy, it can be invasive, difficult, and costly. A perfect non-invasive solution is to use the nasal spray kit from Swole Peptides. It allows for the uptake of peptides intra-nasally so there’s no needles, no invasion, and no mess.

We Nose What We're Talking About

Nasal Spray kits are indeed the best way to experiment with peptides for testing purposes. They come with two 1 ml nasal sprayers, one oral syringe (with no needle), one funnel, and one bottle for nasal solution and mixing. This product has revolutionized non-invasive peptide testing and is highly recommended.

Nose Time Like the Present

In order to properly experiment using a nasal spray kit you’ll need to acquire one first. You can find all your nasal needs using this link. Once you’ve acquired a nasal spray you’ll need peptides to fill it with, and a test subject of course. Peptide nasal spray can also be purchased from swolepeptides.com. We’d recommend using these products for those new to experimentation. 

  1. Sermorelin 5 mg
  2. GHRP-6 5 mg
  3. Ipamorelin 2 mg

These lower dosage peptides are great for those just beginning to experiment with research chemicals. Head to swolepeptides.com and remember; there's nose time like the present!

December 12, 2020 — Whiskey River Media
Don't Give Up

Don't Give Up

A proof of peptides to turn pain into gain. Learn from those who've conquered in the past to make way for a stronger and more capable future. 
October 28, 2020 — Whiskey River Media Collaborator
Hey Bro...

Hey Bro...

Listen Up Bro!

Stop working on your gains for 10 seconds and hear me out.

What if I told you there was a way we could get you shredded af? More swole than you’ve ever been in your entire life? Then you need to head to Swole AF Labs. These products are all made and tested in America, as they should be. We test them ourselves and post our results right on our website so you know you’re getting the purest product out there.

Getting Results

Have you ever had a gain you just couldn’t get? That specific muscle group you just couldn’t reach?   Have you ever worked your day away lifting, and curling like a madman, but you just couldn’t add that last pound for you goal? Welcome to the future, bro, we got cool shit. Our products are the solution to your problem. Sweat no more, my dude. Enjoy all the extra free time you’ll have along with the insane gains you’ll be getting. Give our community a shout out on Swole Mafia and let us know how you’re progressing in your new SWOLE lifestyle.

Fake Product?

Can you believe that other companies are using this incredible product to scam you? Well they are! They’re not posting their lab results and they’re handing out fake bottles with fake materials sold for real money! Don’t get your big ass leg pulled by these scammers. Stick with Swole AF labs and we’ll treat you right.

Customer's Kismet

At Swole AF Labs, the only thing more important than your sick gains is your speed and efficiency of service. We got you there. Our customer service is stellar, because we put real time and work into better serving our customers. We sweat, and bleed helping our community, and we’ll do anything to make sure you get swole in style with no hassle. Missed an order? Here’s a free one. Order arrived late? We’ll get your next one early with free delivery. Want more? Check out our clean cut workout gear so you can get yoked in style.

No Time Left

Your time is valuable bro. You probably don’t have much of it to spend these days. You’re probably spending 3-4 hours at the gym alone, when you should be working or de-stressing with your bros. Spend that time with your bros, by first spending one minute of it with us. We’ll hook you up, ensuring you have more free time permanently.

Don't Waste Another Second

 Your gains are gonna leave you, bro. This pandemic shut down the gyms, got people locked up and in place. You gotta move, you gotta get those gains back, you gotta get swole!

What better lab to visit than Swole Af Labs? Visit our website today, or check us out on facebook, snapchat, and tik tok to see what our Swole lifestyle is all about.

October 28, 2020 — Whiskey River Media Collaborator
Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray

Have you ever dropped your beaker on your bunsen burner and it spilled caustic acid all over your documentation of the evolution of the common extremophile? Me neither bro, but experimentation is never an easy process, and with injection being the main path for peptides, the tests can be numerous, and wearing on the subject. A healthy and easy alternative is the innovative nasal spray kit from Swole AF Peptides which allows easy and clean nasal inoculation of whatever peptide you’re experimenting with.

All Purpose Peptide Power

The most difficult thing about experimentation with peptides is the abundance of syringes and other tools necessary for each test. With the Swole AF kit you can put your mind at ease and quit buying new tools on the regular. Just purchase any peptide, load the kit, experiment with your subject, then wash the kit, reload, and repeat. Your results will be increasingly easier to track with such a consistent delivery method. Additionally, because the kit can be loaded with any type of peptide, there is no limit to the number of experiments you can perform!

Muscles and Muscles

Swole AF Research stands behind its products, so you’ll be seeing very muscular results in your experiment in no time at all. With our improved nasal delivery method, you can provide a much less painful method of experimentation for your subject no matter what kind you use. It has never been easier to test with peptides. Experiment with power, experiment with muscle, experiment with the Nasal Spray kit, by Swole AF Research, a peptide company you can trust!

October 28, 2020 — Whiskey River Media